Office at Portomaso Tower

Banif Bank

Client’s Review

“The Bank has been working with Schranz Limited since 2008 on many of our new branch projects. Schranz Limited were contracted to project manage all the works related with our branches and head office extensions. The company were also our main contractors for civil and a number of finishing works while they also were responsible to manage all our nominated subcontractors for finishing, and mechanical and electrical works.

Our experience of working with the firm has been an open, frank and positive one. The firm boasts a robust team of professionals who have hands-on experience in their areas of competence who are ably led by Joe Schranz and Kurt Engerer.

It is the Bank’s intention to continue working with Schranz Limited. We recommend them based on their expertise and flexibility to anyone requiring any of the above mentioned services.“

– Adrian Coppini
(Chief Officer Corporate Services – Banif Bank)


Client’s Review

“To Whom It May Concern
Schranz Ltd. were appointed as turn-key contractors for the refurbishment of various of HSBC branches and offices, namely Balzan and Birzebbugia Branches and a contingency office at Hamrun.

All the fit-out projects were delivered on time, completed to a high level of workmanship and kept within budget, this to our satisfaction. Since branches remained operational during refurbishment works, projects required careful and strategic planning of works due to the high level of health, safety and security measures which are always required by the Bank.

Following the above we would not hesitate to recommend Schranz Ltd. to undertake similar projects.”

– Carmel Farrugia

Hotel Juliani

Client’s Review

“I have known Joseph Schranz for the past twenty years and have had the opportunity to work with construction firms in which he was involved over the past fifteen years.
Ten years ago, as project manager with Vassallo Builders Ltd., he was responsible for the erection of the block of offices known as Regent House in Bisazza Street, Sliema. The project was built for Windsor Holdings Ltd. and I was involved both as the responsible architect and as a major shareholder and director. The project was completed to the client’s satisfaction, both in terms of quality and speed.

Two years ago, Mr. Schranz was entrusted with the construction of the Hotel Juliani in St. Julians. This time he operated under the name of his own construction firm, Schranz Ltd. The works in question were quite complex since extensive demolition in hard rock was completed in record time, notwithstanding that the hotel site was situated between existing commercial buildings while the facade and hall of the antecedent building had to be retained. A hefty Bank Guarantee had been given to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority to ensure that no damage to the structures just mentioned was caused. The related demolition and excavation necessitated a complicated engineering methodology that enabled hard rock to be excavated to sea level, while the hall referred to was suspended two floors above the excavation. Not only was damage avoided, but also Schranz Ltd. carded out laborious restoration to the weathered mouldings of the facade. The Environment & Planning Authority released the Bank Guarantee without hesitation. The Hotel structure, inclusive of reinforced concrete frame and masonry partitions, was erected to everyone’s satisfaction in terms of quality and speed, as before. Here too, I was involved as the architect responsible as well as a major shareholder and director of Heritage Hotels Ltd. that owns the project. The erection of the said project brought together teams of masons, steel fixers, carpenters, drain layers and other miscellaneous labourers. These teams were orchestrated directly by Joseph Schranz resulting in the satisfactory result referred to. I was particularly impressed by the quality of the concrete supplied and poured. Two lift pits situated one and a half metres below sea level never leaked a drop. Similarly, a pool at roof level held eighty centimetres depth of rain water for several weeks, without exhibiting dampness in the underlying soffit, notwithstanding that it had not even been plastered and lined.

On the strength of these two experiences I have come to know Joseph Schranz and his firm quite closely, and I am in a position to confirm that he is a most assiduous, knowledgeable and reliable operator in the construction sector. He is a pleasure to work with and is always ready to rise to the occasion, and to offer solutions to unexpected problems that arise from time to time On several occasions he came over personally and supplied labour on weekends and at short notice, in order to help redress emergencies that occurred unexpectedly, such as flooding during heavy winter downpours. Schranz Ltd. is particularly sensitive to the health and safety aspect. This issue has acquired maximum importance with the coming into force of relative legislation.
In my opinion, the construction firm Schranz Ltd. is eminently suitable for the implementation of medium to large construction projects up to a value of two million Maltese Liri. It possesses considerable experience in the person of Joseph Schranz, together with an adequate infrastructure to handle projects of this value.
Raymond Vassallo B.Sc., B.Arch., A.&C.E.”

– Raymond Vassallo B.Sc., B.Arch., A.&C.E.